LuxBox Case ZERO Stealth - for iPhone 7  & iPhone 6/6S

LuxBox Case Zero STEALTH for iPhone 7 & iPhone 6 | 6S

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  • Product Description

    LuxBox Case Zero STEALTH for iPhone 7

    An amazing thing happens when you Subtract the Unnecessary 



    You don’t want to sacrifice your personal style for the sake of protecting your iPhone. 
    • You hate the way your case doubles the size of your phone, but you’d much rather carry a brick around than risk introducing a new crack to your screen.
    • You could purchase a stylish case, but you’re afraid that it won’t actually do anything to protect your iPhone.
    • You don’t really want to be carrying around a hunk of plastic, but you also don’t want your phone all exposed and vulnerable.  
    Wouldn’t life be just perfect if there was a phone case that presented the perfect blend of personality and protection? Perhaps something that was able to showcase your minimalist style, and allow people to see how cool you are before they even get a chance to meet you, maybe?
    After all, you purchased your iPhone to enjoy all of it's features, right?
    Now it seems you'd rather limit them by caging your phone in a hulking piece of plastic. 
    It’s time to stop suffocating your iPhone in those big, bulky cases. 
    With LuxBox case, you’ll finally have a stylish case that ACTUALLY protects your phone.
    There’s no need to debate between style and protection - purchasing this case is a two-for-one package deal!
    The iPhone has a naturally sleek and streamlined design. Shouldn't the case that protects your phone be just as innovative and cutting edge?
    We think so…. Actually, scratch that - we know so.
    Your phone deserves to travel in style! The LuxBox Case edge provides a polished finish that will accentuate your everyday look. 
    Forget about choosing between personal style and protecting your iPhone. 
    With LuxBox Case we started with the essential element of basic protection. 
    The rim of LuxBox Case extends beyond the front screen of the iPhone to protect the screen from accidental drops. 
    You have 15 days from the time you receive your LuxBox Case to return it for a full refund AND if anything happens to your LuxBox Case for a full year we will replace it for FREE! 

    LuxBox Case is the solution for the design minded SmartPhone user who desires a minimal modern case with a Luxury feel.  The LuxBox Case compliments the modern SmartPhone with extremely lightweight polished case covered with 100% Real Walnut Veneer.  LuxBox has a strong but thin beveled rim that extends 1mm beyond the SmartPhone face to protect the face of your SmartPhone from minor accidents.  This is the ultimate alternative for those of you that don't want a utilitarian workman-like case for your sleek modern SmartPhone.  

    • Love the Way Your iPhone Feels in Your Hand with Wonderful Real Marble 
    • Enjoy a un-Bulking Your Pockets with a SlimLine Design to Your iPhone Case
    • Love the Beautiful Look of Your iPhone in a Minimal, Modern Contour of LuxBox Case
    • Rest Your Worries of destroying your iPhone with most accidental drops; the rim of LuxBox Case will protect your phone from most accidental drops


    Product Specs         Packaging Spec

    Weight - 1 oz             Weight - 4.5 oz

    Width - 2.7 inch          Width - 4.5 inch

    Length - 5.5 inch         Length - 7.7 inch

    Height - 0.5 inch         Height - 1.0 inch












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  • Warranty Information

    We Replace LuxBox Case for 365 days for any breaks or failures for any reason in the 1st year. Please send us a photo to with a copy of your order email and we will contact you within 48hrs to arrange a new case to be sent to you FREE of charge.

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