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PINK 'Clip & Fight' SlimClip Case V2.2 for iPhone SE & iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S

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    PINK 'Clip & Fight' SlimClip Case V2.2 by theWTFactory for iPhone SE & iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S 




    15% of gross receipts of Pink SlimClip Case purchases and all Clip & Fight Product Sales go directly to the prevention, diagnosis, and care of Women impacted by breast cancer.


    theWTFactory has partnered with the leading authority organization for the education, prevention, and treatment of Women impacted by breast cancer.




    Run, Bike, Hike, WorkOut, Be Great & Look Great Doing It!  With SlimClip Case you can clip your phone to your waist and do all the things that make you great without compromising on function or your style.  You don't have to grip your phone in your hand, bra stuff your phone, deal with a bulky & awkard armband, or place your phone down on the gym floor and hope for the best when you workout.


    When you're not working out, your don't have to look like your "packing", clip your phone without the bulk of traditional clip cases & don't compromise your style.


    SlimClip Case V2.2 ENHANCEMENTS

    • NEW Clip Latch - Securely latches the back clip to SlimClip Case when clip is not in use
    • Slimmer than Original SlimClip Case
    • Our Sturdiest SlimClip Case EVER (still featuring our 365 day replacement policy - Replace.SlimClipCase.com)
    • 15% of Sales Revenue to directly to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of women effected by breast cancer
    • Features a Back Rim Clip to more securely hold the phone
    • Features theWTFactory Brand Logo
    • Wider Headphone opening to allow for better fit for aftermarket headphones
    • Integrated button control for an easier and more enjoyable button experience than even the native phone function
    • Beveled Front Rim that protects the front glass of the phone while staying out the way for use and visibility of the screen
    • Wide Camera opening to prevent camera distortion
    • NEWEST Packaging & Product Delivery Experience

           *Original SlimClip Case still AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES!





    Product Specs         Packaging Spec

    Weight - 0.9 oz           Weight - 4.5 oz

    Width - 2.4 inch          Width - 4.5 inch

    Length - 4.2 inch         Length - 7.7 inch

    Height - 0.4 inch         Height - 1.0 inch




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    1. I’m hands free now

      SlimClip Case basically clips on to the side waistband or your workout pants when working out or running. It’s a great solution if you want a hands-free workout without annoying accessories that tend to get in the way of your workout. on 11th Apr 2016

    2. Its so simple I can’t believe it’s taken so long to find something like this

      I’ve tried arm bands in the past but find it hard to find ones that fit my arms and the velcro isn’t annoying. I was super excited when SlimClip reached out to me to let me know about their new iPhone case for working out. As the name suggests it’s super slim and easily clips onto your iPhone so you can then hook it onto your waistband for a hands free workout. I’m happy to report it stayed in place during my test workout… even when I was doing burpees. I love that it absorbs shock like a typical iPhone case if you do happen to drop your phone, which I did during my first half marathon. The case is similar in size to a typical iPhone case so you can keep it in the SlimClip all day and it’s not bulky. on 8th Apr 2016

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