Why settle for the bland and utilitarian when you desire to live...

3rd Mar 2017

Why settle for the bland and utilitarian when you desire to live the glamorous life?

LuxBox Case is a part of your solution. You can kiss problems with fit, warranty, and damage to your phone goodbye with the LuxBox Case.
There are no hidden corners or edges that are not protected and no trade-off between style and protection.
The LuxBox is designed to make your life easier while elevated your style game. No worries about the phone slipping out, the case breaking or your phone not properly fitting.
There is nothing stylish about anything ill fitting; including a dress, shoes or pants - especially a phone case!
LuxBox Case makes protecting your phone, as satisfying as wearing your favorite outfit.
With base finish options such as MacPro Silver & White Lacquer and 100% Wool Texture or Real Walnut Wood Veneer.

Along with this style comes functionality; LuxBox Case un-bulks your pockets with a SlimLine Design all with the rocking a look of a minimal, modern contour.

We take your return for 15 days from the time you receive your LuxBox Case for a full refund AND if anything happens to your LuxBox Case for a full year we will replace it for FREE!
So why not try us on? We know your iPhone will look great in the LuxBox.
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