Midtown Keyring | Gold

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Midtown Keyring | Gold

 Beautiful & Wonderfully Functional

No need to pick and choose what keys to take with you.  With Midtown Keyring there's plenty of room for all your keys.

  • 6 inch (15.24cm) circumference
  • Comfortably fits 10-12 Regular Keys + 2 Large Car Keys + Key Fob + 5 Shopper Cards
  • Plenty of room on the ring to comfortably and easily move and sort through your keys 


  • Put on and take off keys as many times as you need to without worrying about warping it or loosening up the ring mechanism
  • With traditional keyrings (especially the flat easy open ones) if you put a few keys on and off more that once, they don't close all the way any more, because the spring mechanism of the ring wears out with repeated opening
    • No more tearing your nails to pry your keyring open to take a off for your service appointment
    • No more struggling to get your key on after taking it off to go on a run
    • You just unscrew the tip and thread the key on or off. Screw it back together and you are done.
  • Large enough for all your keys & Flexible to comfortably fit in your pocket/s
  • Quiet the Rattling: unlike traditional keyrings, Midtown Keyrings don't make the clanging noise of keys bankging against the keyring.  Sure, you'll get some noise from two metal keys next to each other but it's not elevated by all the keys also clanging against the metal of a solid ring too  
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