SlimClip Case LITE • FIGHT (Pink) for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S

SlimClip Case LITE • FIGHT for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S

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    PINK 'Clip & Fight' SlimClip Case LITE by theWTFactory for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S 



    15% of gross receipts of Pink SlimClip Case purchases and all Clip & Fight Product Sales go directly to the prevention, diagnosis, and care of Women impacted by breast cancer.


    theWTFactory has partnered with the leading authority organization for the education, prevention, and treatment of Women impacted by breast cancer.



    Run, Bike, Hike, WorkOut, Be Great & Look Great Doing It!  With SlimClip Case you can clip your phone to your waist and do all the things that make you great without compromising on function or your style.  You don't have to grip your phone in your hand, bra stuff your phone, deal with a bulky & awkard armband, or place your phone down on the gym floor and hope for the best when you workout.


    When you're not working out, your don't have to look like your "packing", clip your phone without the bulk of traditional clip cases & don't compromise your style.



    • Slimmer than Original SlimClip Case
    • Our Sturdiest SlimClip Case EVER (still featuring our 365 day replacement policy -
    • 15% of Sales Revenue to directly to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of women effected by breast cancer
    • Bottom of the iPhone is Accessible for headphones, speaker, mic, and charging dock access - Don't worry, the rim of SlimClip Case LITE extends around the edge to protect your iPhone
    • Beveled Front Rim that protects the front glass of the phone while staying out the way for use and visibility of the screen
    • Wide Camera opening to prevent camera distortion
    • BRAND NEW Packaging & Product Delivery Experience - EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE!

           *Original SlimClip Case still AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES!




    Product Specs         Packaging Spec

    Weight - 0.9 oz           Weight - 4.5 oz

    Width - 2.4 inch          Width - 4.5 inch

    Length - 4.2 inch         Length - 7.7 inch

    Height - 0.4 inch         Height - 1.0 inch




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    1. Worry free

      Because I got SlimClip phone case I don't have to worry about pockets anymore. Just clip it & I'm good to go. SlimClip is truly a life changer. on 4th May 2018

    2. It's just so easy!

      It is, essentially, a case with a clip, tuck it into your pants, and go. Plus, it ensures that your phone is secured to your side at all times. on 24th Aug 2016

    3. Absolutely amazing!

      I'm really a pretty active person. I like to run. I like to bike. I like to lift weights and usually while I'm working out I love to listen to music on my iPhone. I'm actually been using an arm band. It's really pathetic. It was really falling apart and it was never comfortable. It's bulky and it's really not a good product but when I've got SlimClip - I thought, 'Hey, let's give it a shot!' It's very simple to install. It has a very large opening on back for our camera and our flash. It feels really nice. It's very simple to clip on and I highly recommend it for running. on 22nd Aug 2016

    4. I forget it's there

      I'm loving this new Slim Clip case I wear to work out with. It's so easy to slip on and not have to worry about it falling off or wearing it around my arms. I forget it's there! on 26th Apr 2016

    5. I’m a convert

      When I’m lifting it’s nice not to have a regular armband constricting my biceps. I also need quick access to my phone to log my reps and weights and an armband tends to be annoying. I’ve also worn it while running and it worked really well. on 11th Apr 2016

    6. I'm ditching my ugly armband

      Now I can ditch my annoying, uncomfortable armband in exchange for SlimClip Case, securing my iPhone pocket-free whether I'm out for a run or working at home. Thanks, theWTFactory for such a brilliant invention. on 6th Apr 2016

    7. five stars if not for the vibrate switch issue

      This blows the socks of using an armband to take my iphone with me on runs but turning the vibrate switch off and on can be a pain - I finally changed the settings so I can switch vibrate off and on with the bottom control panel on the phone screen instead. Otherwise I love the SlimClip Case, great job theWTFactory! on 17th Feb 2016

    8. Worth every penny!

      I did use a promo code, but I was still a little hesitant to buy a clip off the internet sight-unseen. When it arrived, I was still a little apprehensive about trying out what seemed to be too simple to actually WORK. Directions were easy to get the phone in it and I first tried it out in my 90 minute spin class. It stayed in place the whole time with all of the bending and bumping I went through! The next day it made it through weights and P90x Core Synergistics. Can't wait to see what else I can do with it!

      I'm getting it in red next!
      on 12th Jan 2016

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    SlimClip Case Lite Instrutional Video

    How to place your iPhone 6/6S in your SlimClip Case Lite and disengage your iPhone to remove your iPhone from the SlimClip Case Lite SlimClip Case Lite V1 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S You don't have to grip your phone in your hand, bra stuff your phone, clutter your pockets, or be burdened with the bulk and awkwardness of an armband or traditional clip cases. With SlimClip Case by theWTFactory you don't have to compromise. Clip WithOut the Bulk
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    365 Day FREE Replacement Warranty - See: