SlimClip Case LITE • STEADY (Grey) for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S

SlimClip Case LITE • STEADY for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S

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    SlimClip Case LITE • STEADY by theWTFactory for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S 


    Run, Bike, Hike, WorkOut, Be Great & Look Great Doing It!  With SlimClip Case you can clip your phone to your waist and do all the things that make you great without compromising on function or your style.  You don't have to grip your phone in your hand, bra stuff your phone, deal with a bulky & awkard armband, or place your phone down on the gym floor and hope for the best when you workout.

    When you're not working out, you don't have to look like your "packing", clip your phone without the bulk of traditional clip cases & don't compromise your style.  


    Features & Enhancements of SlimClip Case Lite:

    • Sure-Grip Surface
    • Unibody Mold Construction (Case is made of one unit for better strength)
    • Slimmer than Original SlimClip Case
    • Our Sturdiest SlimClip Case EVER (still featuring our 365 day replacement policy -
    • Beveled Front Rim that protects the front glass of the phone while staying out the way for use and visibility of the screen
    • Bottom of the iPhone is Accessible for headphones, speaker, mic, and charging dock access - Don't worry, the rim of SlimClip Case LITE extends around the edge to protect your iPhone
    • Wide Camera opening to prevent camera distortion
    • NEW Packaging & Product Delivery Experience!  Even Better!

           *Original SlimClip Case and SlimClip Case V2 still AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES!




    Product Specs         Packaging Spec

    Weight - 0.9 oz           Weight - 4.5 oz

    Width - 2.4 inch          Width - 4.5 inch

    Length - 4.2 inch         Length - 7.7 inch

    Height - 0.4 inch         Height - 1.0 inch




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    1. Great product!

      This is a great product! I love working out with my SlimClip case. It is so much better than wearing a armband. It always stays secure on my shorts and never comes off. The only negatives is sometimes it will shift my shorts from the hip and make them sit off-center on my hips due to movement when I run. Also, sweat sometimes get between the phone and the case when working out. These are minor issues and I still give the case a 5 out of 5 stars! on 4th May 2017

    2. Great product!!

      I absolutely love this case! It is everything I have been wanting when it comes to being able to workout with my phone. Arm bands just weren't cutting it anymore (the sweaty, slippery thing was cumbersome). The only con I have is the case is difficult to remove. I don't want to be too forceful as to break it, so I use it as an all day, every day case on 4th Mar 2017

    3. What I really need

      I am now convinced I NEED one of these as I can NOT stand the armband anymore. Plus, when not out running it’d be a great way to have the phone close by even when wearing clothes without pockets.

      on 24th Aug 2016

    4. Great for Running

      I don’t listen to music when I run, but I always carry my cell phone. For me it is a safety essential: my husband can track my progress on my long run or I can send him a quick text if I need to. But phones keep getting bigger and not all of my running apparel can accommodate my phone.Some of my favorite tights and shorts only have a small key pocket and couldn’t possibly hold my iPhone 6. Sometimes I’ll stuff it in my bra or strategically pair a jacket that has pockets with tights that don’t have any. But a lot of times that’s not my favorite option.Recently, the Wonderful Things Factory sent me their Slim Clip Case for my iPhone to test out and I haven’t taken it off my phone since. The Slim Clip Case slides onto the waistband of your tights, shorts or capris and can carry your phone without slipping or falling off. Stays put.The phone didn’t jostle around, slide or slip. The clip kept it firmly in place on my waistband and it was easy to take on and off. on 11th Apr 2016

    5. Impressed me

      SlimClip Case is light enough to be strapped to your clothes yet durable enough to withstand hours of training. I was skeptical at first but it’s done super well so far! I’m impressed on 7th Apr 2016

    6. long awaited

      I purchased this case over a year ago only to be disappointed by release date changes and broken promises (we will send you two cases for the inconvienence or other swag). Eventually you returned my money with no reasoning.
      you can imagine my hesitation when I got an email saying they were once again on the market. From what I can tell the case is sturdy but does slip up or off from time to time. It has helped greatly when i go for walks/runs with the dog as it is tucked away with ease.
      on 10th Mar 2016

    7. I don't know how I did it before

      I was one of the people referenced on the site, stuffing my phone in my bra before :(

      No More!
      on 17th Feb 2016

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    SlimClip Case Lite Instrutional Video

    How to place your iPhone 6/6S in your SlimClip Case Lite and disengage your iPhone to remove your iPhone from the SlimClip Case Lite SlimClip Case Lite V1 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S You don't have to grip your phone in your hand, bra stuff your phone, clutter your pockets, or be burdened with the bulk and awkwardness of an armband or traditional clip cases. With SlimClip Case by theWTFactory you don't have to compromise. Clip WithOut the Bulk
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    365 Day FREE Replacement Warranty - See: